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I see there many teenaged or younger boys all of them have bigger dicks than I.
At the first time it was very embarrasing but now its quit normal.
Last week was a Dad with his two sons (about 12-13 and 15-16 years) in the shower at the same time than I. The father had a big dick about 5 inch soft the younger boy also bit smaller about 4 inch but the older son was same size than I 1-1,5 inch. I was amazed that he had no problems to be naked in front of so many guys in the lockerroom and I think it’s a terrible thing when the younger brother is so much bigger.
I see not often guys with a small penis but there are a few at my pool and I am happy that I am not the only one with a small dick!!

I went on a coach holiday to Canada about a year ago and there were a couple of French people on the tour, an auntie (french teacher) and her 11yr old nephew, I got talking to them because I could speak french and this teacher had brought her nephew along to learn to speak english so we ended up going on the same activities. anyway one evening this lady wanted to have a meal with another lady on the tour and asked if I'd look after him whilst she went for this meal cause he wanted to go swimming in the hotel complex I said yes. we both get changed into our trunks, him in the bathroom and me in the bedroom and go out to the pool, he jumps in and I sit down on the side ready to slide into the pool he comes swimming up to me and looks at my crotch which is on about his eye level as he swims over and says "tu es tres petit" (you are very small) and smiles at me, I smile back and say nothing. We carry on swimming and messing around throwing balls around the pool, after about 45 minutes we both get out and he turns to me and looks again at my crotch and smiles, I glance at his and he is a lot bigger than me and he doesnt even look to have started puberty he notices me looking, laughs and says c'est enfantin (its childlike) to which I just smile.
It appears the French learn to be rude at a young age.

I guess it is true that my flaccid length could not have changed too much when I matured. I didn't measure it back then so I couldn't give you an accurate account. Its pretty much always just been the head sticking out parallel to the floor though. I would estimate that my erect length increased somewhere between 2.5 - 3.5" during puberty.


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