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"The more I know, the less I understand"

Thanks for the comments..I always try to be interesting or informative if possible. Just checked your bio and I wonder if you just got thicker at puberty as you would have been about 1.5" long pre puberty where you not?

Hey Bear I have thought of doing that sometimes but restrained myself...maybe he did not know how long it was..amazing how many guys don't you know. I usually just let them know by looking aprovingly at their cock and giving them a positive glance..have got a shy smiling response sometimes..can't make it too obvious can we?

Hey Kirk would like to meet your 6 year old neighbour these days must be something impresssive 5" at 6 years!! Wow. Haven't seen that many with that much as adults..maybe I'm not looking in the right places LOL.

Hi. I'm a newbie, but couldn't resist diving into this conversation. My own "growth curve" was quite unusual. I have never shared it with anyone before and am curious to know if anyone else had a similar experience. At 13, I was like everyone else. My first contact with a ruler showed 6", pushing rather hard up against the pubic bone. I had very little body hair, but I just thought I was "average" for a 13 year old. Then, to my great dismay, I stopped maturing sexually, even though I continued to grow normally in height. At 18, my dick was still 6" (I was OK with that)but I still had no body hair to speak of. If I put a razor to my face more than once a week, I was really just play-acting. My facial hairlessness made me feel very insecure. Then, for no particular reason, I began to think that my dick had grown. By 19, I was already a good 6.5". This was quite thrilling. To make a long story short (or a short story long), I continued to grow until I was about 23. The rate was quite extraordinary--about .5" per year. At 23 I actually began to expect that I might make it into the stratospheric zone. But alas, my dick stopped growing at 23. My body hair continued to fill in, so that now, at 39, I would say I look close to average in that department (although still with a very light blondish beard). The late growth curve must have come from my genetics, as I wasn't taking any meds or stuff like that. Am I the only person in the world whose dick grew between ages 11 and 13, and then again between 18 and 23?

Welcome to the site Bill in Paris. Congrats on your first post. Your story has made me think, will i grow anymore???, we will just have to wait and see.



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