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Now, I still have good days and bad days dealing with my penis size - as we all do if we're being honest with ourselves and with each other - but that said - please write what you'd say to a young man (maybe even a young you) who has just told you he's feeling really badly about having a small penis. What insights would you impart to him to bring some healing with this part of his life? Thanks and blessings for your insights in advance.

I was going to ask when was the first time you saw someone younger who was more well endowed than you but I'm going to expand it to tell us about any and all of your experiences when you witnessed a guy younger than yourself who had more between his legs than you. I have many to tell about and will start with just one. I was about 12 years old when my family went to visit some relatives who lived on a lake. I was about 12 years old which would make my brothers 9 and 4. Our cousins who we were visiting were 8 and 5. We were all changing in to our swimsuits one day when my 4 year old brother made a comment that Steve (our 5 year old cousin) had a bigger dick than me. Sure enough I looked and there was no question that this 5 year old had a bigger dick than all of us. There was a 7 year difference between our ages which makes the biggest age difference that I ever witnessed as a pre-pubescent with someone younger who had more than I did. I am convinced however that, if I would have done some more checking, I could have seen even younger kids who had more than I. If this thread goes anywhere, I have many more similar experiences to tell about.

"The more I know, the less I understand"

Hi Smokey
Is this just about pre-pubescent experiences or does it also encombas early puberty experiences? I saw a boy of about 10 years whose dick looked as long as mine a few years ago, but he did not have any pubic hair and his dick was skinny like most pre-pubescent one's I've seen...he also had a long foreskin so I guess that added to the effect of percieved size.
I did not see any boys younger than me until I was in my teens and I did not start puberty until I was 15/16 years old so most of them were bigger than me (even the 13/14 year olds). Wish I had some experiences pre-pubescent but did not unfortunately. I had a friend who was a lot longer than me but we were both the same age..about 3 I think.


I was at my local pool last week, I am 27, and I saw two kids of 16 with longer ones than me - I am 1.5 inches soft.

I also saw a kid of about 7 who was thinner but longer!
I joined the Y when I was living up North for two reasons:

1. To lose weight.

2. To see young guys naked.

I was successful in both objectives. On the latter, you would be amazed (well, maybe you would not) how young guys today hide what they have. I even saw them showering with their underwear on.


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