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I come from China and I believe the average erect penis length for a Chinese adult is 12-13cm (about 5 inches). I haven't seen many erect ones. But I have read some (about 5 or 6) Chinese medical articals which studies on Chinese penis size. Reseachers measure erect length or pull length of penises, and record, and analize. Each article reveals a different values. I remember the lowest value for "average penis length of Chinese people" is 11.6 cm. The highest is 13.74cm. Most of them ranges from 12 - 13 cm. These results are most believable than the internet polls..

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It's an interesting thing to discuss about penis size and race. As you know, blacks always have the biggest penises and asians the smallest. Asia is a wild range. Penile size differents from rigions, According to experience, Arabs in west Asia must have the biggest penises among Asians. Then come men of India, Thai, etc. Men in east asia ( Chinese, Japan, Korea) must have the smallest.
I have read two articles (abstract) about penile length of newborns. You can find them here:
It's a pity that I can't get the full text. Many thanks if you can sent me the full text to me.(
In the first article, we learn that "Race had a significant effect: Chinese 3.5 cm, Malay 3.6 cm and Indian 3.8 cm.". I also remember another articles says that Saudi newborns have an average penile length of 3.6cm ( but can't find it).
Penile length of newborns can predict adult penis size. I can't find informations about the datas of black boys. Maybe it's a bit larger than these. Anybody knows?

Well, I have no idea what the average asian penis size is. I am 100% Korean and I am about 5.25" when erect. I've always thought of myself as slightly small. In the asian world I would guess I am pretty average.

Jiangling and JChoi30,

Welcome to the group. In one of my earlier posts I cite a number of studies that were conducted in Korea and some others that were conducted in mainland China as well. If you haven't seen them already, they're on the second page of this thread. Also, since I posted those studies another Korean study has appeared in the Journal of Asian Andrology. This one has the benefit of being in English:

JChoi30 below are some links to articles in Korean:

Jiangling, there was recently a study done in Taiwan that was mentioned in an earlier post in this thread. The URL has changed but the best address I can find for it is:

I hope this is interesting for you guys. Welcome.

Many thanks to Liao.
But it's curious that the 'stretch length' is much shorter than the 'erect length' in these Korean articles. The SL ranges from 9.1 to 9.6 cm, and the EL ranges from 12-13 cm.
How can scientists explain?



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