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Moderator, Small XChange (Main Forum)

hi, i'm a new member here, i'm chinese 5'11, 6" . so far all my ex bf are smaller than me. they are in the range of 4" -5". all of them are chinese. most ppl say size doesn;t matter, for me it's not true. size does matter.... I love small cock


Yeah, there are a number of reasons for this rule of photos in the forum.

- People browse from work and place where they prefer not to have x-rated stuff on their screen. Thus the discussion forums are safe for browsing at work. Well maybe not "safe" but from a distance, you'll just see text and not a big ol (or small penis).

- I don't want to be anywhere near anything that involves underage people and anything remotely considered porn. I just don't want to be charged with anything illegal. As long as we have a rule that you must be 18 to join, and I remove anyone I know to be under 18, then I'm doing my part.

- If we leave "porn" on the net out in the open for free - we can't afford the bandwidth costs. We try to keep our monthly hosting inside of 3 digits. When the pics used to be free access, we literally were going broke funding the hosting expenses and almost forced to pull the plug on the whole site.

The "pay for access" gallery not only covers the expense that the extra bandwidth of that stuff brings, but also gives me another level of proof... "if they paid for access (with credit card etc... ) that proves to me that must be old enough.".

I'm sure there are underage people here - and I definately don't want to know about it. If we learn of it, we generally remove the member for a couple of reasons.
1) You must be 18 to register, so they must have lied on the birtday check
2) I don't want them a visible "target" for pedophiles and others who prey on that type of stuff. So for their protection it's best people not know that they are underage.
But I'm sure they browse here and can hopefully gain information and support - as I know it's needed often at that age.

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Yes, you can also do check/cash/money order - just be sure to put your username on anything you send. Click the "How to Donate" button at the top - then click on "Send me mail" for our PO Box address.

Also - I do exchange access for those wanting to share self pics - you can send them to myself or tim to post (or any moderator for that matter - I tend to get busy and be slow with that type of stuff). They will let me know that they've posted them and I'll give you access so you can check out the others as well.

I generally give 1 month for 3 SELF PICS.

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