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If you click on Photo Gallery above, you'll see a link on the right side I belive that says Upload Photos. That'll let you pick the image off your hard drive, and choose a category (Self Pics in your case).

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Hey, I know you are not the man who makes the laws...

..but honestly every time I see that people have to be 18 yo to see a dick, I do not know whether to laugh or to cry. It is ridicolous...: especially when you consider that at the same time it is more or less considered all right to let kids watch violent horror movies. In the USA, people are more afraid of looking at a naked man, than looking at a murder killing hundreds of people in an action movie....; I have nothing against Americans as persons, but I never get to understand the American mentallity and hypocrisy (do I spell it well?!).

I very very much remember that at 15-17 I sometimes enjoyed looking at pictures of nude guys, and I can guarantee you that I did not take any dammage from that!

I understand that SMALL kids should not look at porn, but I am quite sure that a 15-17 years old boy can enjoy looking at a nice cock just as everybody else of us. Let us not be hysterical...

I notice, that most of the time, the ones who do concern about teens watching erotic stuff are the adults, not the teens themselves. Why should we not let them explore the erotic world just as they want to? I do not get it...

And finally a message to the teens: I honestly do not understand why you accept being always disciminated by adults. Teens from 14-15 to 18 really should consider making a LIBERATION FRONT (?!)against the discrimination that they suffer from mature people...

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Welcome to the Government. It's law, so it has to be. Sad, but true. But then you can get into the debate of "what is too young"? For example: Should an 8 year old see porn? No, of course not. How bout a 9 year old? No? How bout an 11 year old? Still no? 12? 13? 14? Year to year as a child grows they are truly only one day older than they were before. Because each child matures and grows at different rates, the government declared that the adult age is 18 federally, and 19 provincially (here in BC) and that adult material is not to be viewed by non adults. That way it is "fair" all around, and someone who is immature at 16 is not discriminated against vs a mature 16 year old. Besides, maturity is in the eye of the beholder, as well. Thus the reasons we have laws.

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Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

Asians are not all naturally small. They vary in size just like all other races. I've seen groups of guys together and been in a room with 15 or 20 guys of mixed races and the little asian guys had the biggest dicks by far. Some big white and black guys had small ones. Very unexpected based on the rumors, but true.

Josh & Tim...I'm sorry, but I can't post a photo to your site without becoming a member. How's that? How's about I send it to one of you to post on my behalf? I will not be dealing with PayPal again anytime soon...sorry to say, so I'm not sure I'll ever become a full-fledged member.

Howzit Locoboy,

Sounds like you had a real situation with PayPal. Becoming a "full-fledged member" is definitely worth it. I think that there are other ways to do it (check; I think money order; and I don't remember if there are others). Josh should be able to fill you in on the details.


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