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20 years old - dick 12 cm. (4 3/4)
23 years old - dick 10 cm. (4 inches)
24 years old - dick 15 cm. (5 3/4 inches)
26 years old - 17 cm.
28 years old - 13 cm.
24 years old - 13 cm.
24 years old - 18 cm. (7+ inches)
24 years old - 15 cm.
23 years old - 15 cm.
25 years old - 16 cm.
25 years old - 11 cm.
25 years old - 15 cm.
25 years old - 17,5 cm.(7- inches)
24 years old - 16 cm.
25 years old - 13 cm.
25 years old - 15 cm.
30 years old - 11,5 cm. (4½ inches)
25 years old - 12,5 (5- inches)
27 years old - 16,5 cm.
30 years old - 15
25 years old - 14,5 cm.
25 years old - 17 cm.
30 years old - 16 cm.
25 years old - 17 cm.
25 years old - 14 cm.
26 years old - 15 cm.
35 years old - 15 cm.

In all, 395,5 cm. of Asian penis. The average is 395,5 cm/27 guys: 14,648 cm (about 5 3/4 inches). Just a little below the average for white men, which is 15-16 cm...

ah now, and did you also write down the many varieties of Asians? Chinese, Japanese, Korean, SE Asian, Malaysian? Did you include Polynesians in there? Ever had sex with and measured any Polynesians? (Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Tongan, Maori, etc.) Would you confirm the stereotype applied to polynesians that they are not particularly long, but almost always very wide? Inquiring minds want to know!

I've lived in Japan for nearly 15 years and have seen many an Japanese dick in the sauna and elsewhere. On the average I would say 1-4 inches soft but can be much larger hard. There are exceptions of course. They also tend to be narrow. All in all its not as embarrasssing to be nude in Japan.


To be honest I did´nt think about that there should be any particolar difference between Chineses, Japaneses, Thais...

Somebody told me that the Thais should have larger cocks than for example the Japaneses. But I have never seen any evidence of that. Just like I have not seen any proof that the Germans have smaller penises than the Englishmen, as somebody claims.

I have only been with one Thai, he was 25 years old, only 1.66 tall, very thin (about 50 kg.) and he had a quite large penis (7 inches). One guy does´nt make any proof, but maybe there is something about the talk that Thais have larger cocks...

I have also had one japanese, he was 25 years old too and his dick was normal, 6 inches.

But I have had quite a lot of chineses, at least 8-9. One of them, a 24 years old guy (1,75 tall and about 60 kg.) had the largest Asian cock I have played with, 7 1/4 inches (about 18 cm.). The other chineses have actually been relatively small, from 10 to 16 cm. (from 4 to 6½ inches). I had a short relationship with a 28 yo old chinese, his dick was 5 inches at its best. Like the most Asians, he was short (1,72 I think) and thin.

I also met a Vietnamese guy at the beach two years ago. He was 24, short, a little muscular and his dick was 6 inches, but quite thick.

The other ones? I honestly don´t know their excact Nationality, because it was only anonymous sex. But of course I could see clearly that they were Asians. You can tell it from their eyes...

Thanks for that breakdown!

So now I will ask just one more time, have you ever been with polynesians (Samoan, Hawaiian, Maori, Tahitian, etc.) and if so, how did they measure up?




I have to be honest: I have never been with any polynesians, so I have no idea whether they tend to have a little smaller dicks as I belive the chineses and japaneses do.

But here I will repost what I wrote in an other Thread, the one about "Correlation between Race and Size":

The thing you say about the Asians as being from 5,5-6 inches long to me shows that there IS something about the stereotype as Asians being smaller! Because from my experience, the average for white gays is around 6,5 inches and 7 inches for Blacks. The difference may not be huge, but there is a difference!

If there is nothing about the claim that Asians are smaller, then you think that it is maybe just a coincidence, that from the almost 30 Asian guys I have met (and had sex with, being gay!), not even one of them was longer than 7 inches?! The two longest were both 7 inches, but not more.

And is´nt it sort of strange that ALL the ten (10!)blacks I have met, had a penis at least 6,5 inches long?! And 7 of them (70%!!)had a penis at least 7 inches long... For me this can´t just be a coincidence



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