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Howzit West! I was going to ask to see pics of yours, but I see you posted a lot of them already... I think you are longer than you say, though! either that or maybe your measurement around is at the base, where you are the thickest? Anyway, mahalo for the pics and your post. Nice to see another local -born posting here.

Aloha Ioane: My dick is the thickest at the base, and I am only 5 inches long hard. Unless I use Da Pump. Which can stretch it out by 1/2 inch at the most. In some of my pics, my hard dick looks longer and bigger than 5 inches. but it is the angle and perspective of the shot that gives that impression. Hey nice talking to you and thanks for the PM.
Mahalo Brah! West P.S. I just met another Hawaiian "localboy" today in this forum.

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Hi, I am a Japanese, too.
It's glad to see how this thread is popular. Nice to know that there are so many admirers of Asians and their small mates in here on this site. You guys really like us, huh

Just like the fellow Japanese guy, Locoboy, I belong to the range of 6.5-7" when it is hard. I must say it is in the 'bigger' category among the Asian colleagues. I did not think mine is small until I came to Europe and live here. Comparing to those of Europeans of any nationality, mine falls into 'average' to 'smaller' categories. My dick is about 2.5 inches when flaccid but grows to 6.6 inches when erect. So there is a big difference in the look of the dick depending on the status of the shape. People think mine is small if they see it flaccid, but they think it is big when it is hard. I think this is also one of the characteristic side of Asian dicks. Small but grows bigger than expected. We call such a dick 'lantern dick' in Japan (I don't know if it's a good translation, though). You know those Japanese or Chinese lanterns. They are compact when it is not in use and easy to store or to carry with, but it can expand even huge in size when it is necessary

In answer to the initial question of metroguy (thanks for a lot of compliments to us), I would say that Asian cocks are smaller than the other races in general with some exceptions. And the average length of Asians would be about 4.5 inches when it is hard (I say this from my experience). This may be longer, though, as I hear young people nowadays have a larger dicks than the older generation. The average height of younger generation is getting taller. So I think there is some connection among penile size, physique and food/nutrition. By nationality? I would say ours are equally small


Hi, I have had sex with 27 Asian men (I always write down age, race and penis size of my mens... ).

The average is 5 3/4 inches for these Asians, a bit smaller than the average of about 6-6 1/4 inches for white men.

Here are all the Asian guys, age and penis size:



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