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Re - condoms....I have had good luck with Beyond Seven (ironic name, no?) and Lifestyles Snugger-Fitting. Both seem to be a good fit for both my length and girth.

I am a Japanese male and I'm in the 6.5-7" range and about 5.75" around. I've been told that I'm quite large for a Japanese male. Most of the other Japanese guys that I've been with have been between 5.5 & 6.5", so I don't necessarily buy into asians being naturally small.

I live in sydney, Australia, I'm caucasian, and am about 7".
I'm gay, and into asian guys.

All the guys i've been with (approx 30 odd) have been over 5 inches, whilst the majority are big enough to make me gag.

Ethnic origins have ranged from thai, filo, malaysian-chinese, singaporean-chinese, indonesian, cambodian, taiwanese, mainland chinese, honkie.

Was never lucky enough to score with a japanese guy, all the ones I met were weird in the head.

One guy was as thick as a toilet roll, and about 1 1/2 times as long as one. And he was only 5'2.

Having said that, I don't chase after guys with big cocks, it's just always turned out they have been rather blessed

Lastly, Height has nothing to do with size, my friends.

And remember.. it's not how big you are, it's what you do with it!


JimBob: Welcome to Measurection!

First of all Jimbob sounds like yo'll should be one of my neighbors.

Second, do you happen to be Jimbob from "Jimbob's Hairy Tools"? A wounderful MSN community! Just one complaint: I go through Jimbob's hundred or so pictures each week looking for one I can copy and post here, and none of them qualify.



I think the stats from the medical journals might be higher than they should be. Many smaller people might feel uncomfortable volunteering for such a study. However, that could just be my own vanity speaking: I'm only 4" long by 4" wide. In proportion to the rest of me, I'm 5'6"/5'7", 130 lbs and of Chinese descent (American born). And while I'm sharing my private info, let me add that if there's another guy with my specs (any ethnicity) reading this, I'd really love to meet you!

I am japanese Hawaiian, with a little bit of German. My dick soft ranges from about 1.0 to 2.0 inches. Hard it is about 5.0 inches long. The circumference of my dick is longer than the length when it is erect, at 5.5 to 5.75 inches around. I grew up in the Islands and have seen alot of asian guys in school, at the gyms and parties. Where I was considered on the small side. I have seen alot of asian guys who are larger than me, and some who are hung like a horse.

Hi Dan, Welcome to Measurection

I think that there is a lot in what you say - people of "smaller dimensions" are unwilling to take part in that kind of study. Hopefully this kind of site will help those who are embarrassed about their size to realise that there are a lot of people who do not rate dick size as the most important thing about a man



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