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If you find one, let me know, always in search of a perfect fit.

Agree with you about the survey. What it should say is that for those who took the survey, the average size...

Before coming here, I know I would never have taken such a survey. Now, at least I would consider it.


O tilmon nika - "He who dares, wins"
(Spartan Military Saying)

Welcome to the site Sky C. As for finding a good fit with condoms, there have been a couple of good posts here...not sure exactly where, but do some searching and I'm sure you'll find it.

A new medical studies in Taiwan for 337 patients aged 20-24,
Avg aged 22.4 where they push the ruler to the public bone (os pubis) so that variations based on fat pad depth are negated with the following result.

1)Avg penile length in States flaccid is 7cm.

2)Avg penile length in Erect States is 13.5cm.

3)Avg penile width in States flaccid is 2.3cm.

2)Avg penile width in Erect States is 4cm.



Well, tried Durex Closefit. It fits better but not that tight though. So I think you guys with girth of around 4" should try it. =)


Could you tell me in what journal this Taiwanese study was published. I would be very interested to read the article.



You can read the aeticle in the following webpage, but, it's wiriting by chinese.


Chinese is no problem, especially Taiwan's traditional characters. Interesting that the hospital that did the study (the Joint Armed Forces Hospital) is only a few blocks from my old apartment in Taipei. Well, maybe that's only interesting to me.

Thanks again.

Here is another webpage about the penis lenght of Taiwan guys in chinese.

Thanks for the new Taiwan story. It's different than the first article. This report comes from the 2nd Asian Pacific Conference on the Aging Male. The study size was 167 men presenting for symptoms of impotence. The size given was 11.39 cm, not counting fat pad. The doctor referred to this as "usable length."


The particularly interesting part is after race, the doctor believes there is a correlation between body height and penis size and even provides a formula for calculating the latter. However, when I tried it I came out with something incredibly less than what I have. (Perhaps I misread the instructions).

I tried to locate the doctor but could find no reference to him on Taiwan websites and the conference's official program does not list any presentation or poster on penis size.

Thanks again for the article.



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