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I am so shock when he told me that. although he didn't show me the real thing. but from the conversation between us, i think he is more than 18cm (7").

It is quite unusual cos when he was young, the enconomy is not wealthy.... so that is not enough food... and he is short too.


Aloha fkk,

First of all, welcome to the site. It is a great community. Thanks for posting your story. The first post always seems the hardest.

Don't know if there is a connection between the economy or finger size with penile length. But there are members of this community that are more learned in this area that might be able to shed some light on the subject.

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O tilmon nika - "He who dares, wins"
(Spartan Military Saying)

i used to live with a thailander and he had a nice dick, mine was smaller which he thought was funny considering the saying asians are smaller but I didnt mind, I've actually got a thing for asian guys anyway as for averages, thai's are supposed to be about 5"
by the way tommathy i liked your profile pics nice

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Don't believe anyone told you the size of his penis if you don't see it. I also compared many guy's penis in Hong Kong, most of them are under 5". As a chinese you are vary normal.

All attempts to corrolate penis size to some other body part sizes have been failures. Love them the way they are, and don't belive what others tell you.


i've seen plenty of asian dick, and they are definatley on the smaller side of things. that doesn't mean they are all small, but their average is smaller.

Hie! Another Asian here. I'm about 3.7" (3.7 around too) and I considered myself small compared to you guys. Hmm... yeah, does affect my self-esteem in looking for a gf. No gf so far.

Hope the future will be brighter.



First of all, welcome!!!! This is a great site. I hope that you find this site as wonderfully supportive as I have. No one is too small here, and here smallness is celebrated.

Second of all, congratulations on your first post... Hope to hear more from you.

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O tilmon nika - "He who dares, wins"
(Spartan Military Saying)

Thank you very much.

Well, as you can see, I'll have trouble with normal condoms. I'm trying different kind of condoms nowadays. Just to see which one fits me.

Going to try the Durex Closefit, hope it fits me or else...

For the others who's over 5" and still think you are small, try to search around for surveys, you will be surprise.

Hmm... wonder how they do the survey though coz logically, the small ones won't be taking the survey at all. In short, it's not accurate. So many ppl like me is hiding...

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