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Well, I am the exceptional. My ex gf slept with another asian guy that was about my height and he was only 5.5 inches. I do think that asian guys of the same height of white guys have smaller dicks in general. And the girls that I've dated said she asked the guy how big he was, one measured with a ruler.

Well, I mean really. A woman's G-spot is two inches inside. Now granted I've never been with a guy less than two inches long, not sure what I'd do in that situation, but I'm sure I'd figure something out.

Hi Zaneblue! Wow, what a comment - so large he made your stomach bulge out? OMG! I can't even imagine that - not with my fat 3.5 to 4.0 incher. LOL!

From what I've observed in locker rooms Asian guys DO tend to be shorter and thinner than most white guys (bigA21 is quite an exception for Asian males being as huge as he is). I fit in lengthwise quite well amongst Asians in a locker room and don't feel nearly as short as I do amongst white or black guys.

I do have several questions for you Zaneblue: 1) Have you slept with any guys with short penises (what was the shortest you've slept with) and how was that from a female perspective? 2) What did you mean by your comment. "I might go on and on about how large a guy's cock is to make him feel studly"? Just curious.


I feel the love

As for the questions, let me ask you some. Do you know the exact cup size of every woman you dated? Do you know the cup size of the smallest? I think it's roughly analogous. I suppose some men must be really hung up on that, otherwise why would women go through the self-mutiliation of breast surgery? And if you were with a woman with natural big bouncy breasts, wouldn't you go on and on about how sexy they are and how much you like them? I bet you fantasize about women with big breasts, does that mean you would kick Elizabeth Hurley out of bed? And you'd like her breasts too, because they were hers. I think men are generally hardwired to like big breasts and women are generally hardwired to like big cocks. I write pornographic fanfic in my spare time, and in my fantasy writing, yeah the guy's always huge (although in my defense, I'm pretty sure the actor I write about actually is pretty big). He can also service a woman with tongue and cock for hours, no problem, and is funny, smart and completely smitten. But that's fantasy. In the practical realm, a woman's G-spot is two inches in and her clitoris is outside. I suppose the cul-de-sac at the top of the vagina is fun to have stimulated, but it's hardly the first or second in importance. I'm 5'10" and I can hit mine nicely with 4.5" if I'm in the right position. I would have said thickness matters, especially if the woman has had a baby or two vaginally, but that was before I discovered the joys of serious PC muscle exercise.


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