Do You Have A Small Penis Size ?

" Penis Enlargement Does Not Work.
But You Can Still Become The Envy Of Any Man
Despite Your Small Penis Size.

small penis size


Things I might say or found helpful:

1. Most guys in the shower or locker room (the vast majority) will not pay you any attention. Even if they do look, they will not comment.
Some will not even notice.
Some will notice and think nothing of it.
And some will be there primarily to look and/or compare you with themselves.
Of the ones who are there to look:
Some will like what they see and may or may not comment.
And some may comment in a degrading, insensitive and hurtful way.
BUT, the VAST MAJORITY will not pay you any attention.

2. Little boys (and maybe children in general) can be very cruel. They sometimes say hurtful and stupid things to each other.
Adults who look and make degrading, insensitive and hurtful comments are just stupid little boys or girls who will never grow-up. AND, more importantly, these guys make these comments to divert attention away from their own feelings of inadequacy. You are bigger than them…

3. You CANNOT make it bigger... You CANNOT make it bigger... So, don’t waste time trying.

4. For most women, size is more visual than sexual. She may like the looks of a long, full swinging dick and low hanging balls but she would trade them in red-hot minute for:
A man who is all man but is genuinely sensitive to her needs.
Someone who is romantic yet strong (think strong as in able to take care of her rather than muscular.)
Someone who knows how to use his tongue, fingers, fingertips, hands, lips and whole body as well as, or better than, he does his penis when it comes to pleasuring her.

5. You are not the only guy with a small penis. There are just as many small ones as large ones and you are NOT the only one.

5. Your happiness is totally dependent upon YOU… You get to decide. Nobody else can do that for you. If you choose to be satisfied with your penis it can only make you a happier person. You and you alone get to decide whether you spend your life wishing and what-iffing or accepting and enjoying.

Someone once said:
If wishes and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a wonderful Christmas…

Something to think about.

I don't think denial will work on this one. I think the impressiveness of a large penis is pretty much instinctive for men and women; gays and straights. But, we can live with it.


I've been hanging around this site for a few years now and I'd like to raise an issue that's been on my heart for awhile now - namely, what insights or instances in our lives can we share with the group that have been instrumental in our being able to accept the fact of having a small penis. There are alot of guys who are really hurting over this issue as the dominant societal press of "bigger is better" is at odds with what we have been born with between our legs.


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