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It may not be BUT, 13.08,13.34 erect OR 7.21, 7.43 cm flaccid.
Sounds a lot bigger than 4.5 in....

Can just picture a Japanese bath house conversation:
How big are you.. "13.08"... oh, very good!!!

Just trying to get a laugh out of you guys on this sunny, warm, southern Ca. Saturday morning... after all you guys in the east need something to stimulate blood flow and keep warm!!!

the funguy (heading for the pool, maybe the beach!!)and after reading this you guys in 17 degree temps might just tell me to go to H--L!!

I'm a Taiwanese from New york, I'm 6'2, 180-185 lbs, cut. My dick is 8 1/2 by 6 1/2. I'm considered huge for asians. I've slept with 12 girls, 7 asians, 5 whites. All the asian girls said I was the biggest by far. I had one girl with her eyes bulged out, and thought mine was too big. I remember one girl that had 7 partners said the biggest beside me was like a little under 7, and she thought he was huge until she met me. Everybody else was 5-5.5, and one had 4, and she thought that was first sex hurts for them, but after a while they get used to it and like it. One of my ex gf told me she had a guy with a micro penis, literally 1 inch hard. I was her 5th, and the other 3 were also
5-5 1/2. Out of the white girls I've hooked up with, semi-dated, one of them was very experienced. She's done 17 guys and all white guys, and I was the only asian. I measured the 2nd biggest among all these other white men. The biggest she had was 9, and a little bit thicker than me. She said he was 6'5, Swedish background very skinny. Most of her partners were 6-6.5 inch range, 2 guys were a bit over 7. She had 2 small guys, first being 5 inches, and the smallest she had was 4 inches both with small circumference and she thought it was tiny. What turns her on is the appearance of a big dick stimulates her physically right b4 sex, and likes a hard, tight ass. Only 1 girl said size didn't matter, she said she had one guy was about 5.5 inches, and was very hard and was able to give her an orgasm every time.

I'm new here, I haven't read all the archived posts, but all the women you've dated know down to the inch the size of all the men they've slept with? What do they do, whip out their tape measures as a part of foreplay? I'm not going to say how many guys I've been with, let's just say a lot, and while a couple might stand out--one guy was so big I had to use two hands to give him a blowjob and I throat it, and another guy made my belly bulge up because there wasn't room for him (and neither one of those guys came even close to giving me an orgasm--ho hum), I couldn't for the life of me rattle off a list of statistics like that. A cock is a cock is a cock, and I all I care is that it's sproingy and happy to see me. I might go on and on about how large a guy's cock is to make him feel studly (and I'm certainly not going to complain about a big cock!) but the important thing is that I want the guy to feel studly.


Aloha big guy!

Yes you are exactly what I was talking about in one of my earlier posts on this thread: tall asian men that are very well hung. Although I have never seen one of those fully erect, I can imagine they would go to that length you describe for yourself.



Do you all wear condom? If yes, ain't it lose for asian penis? Mine is only 3.7" and 3.7" in circumference.

Hmm... I feel lost in it. And there isn't any smaller condom that fits in the market.



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