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If Europe had the largest cocks, Durex wouldn't have taken the Magnum condoms off they're shelves over there due to the unpopularity and non selling item!!!
But none the less thank you for your research on the item at task


“The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.”
James Branch Cabell



An inch = about 2.6cm, is that right? Those measurements are pretty high, in my opinion. Like Bear said, it appears to me that those are self measurements. I think those measurements are about an inch too high. The European study was probably done in Italy.....LOL.

Aloha brah! For somebody without any Hawaiian in you, you have what looks like the textbook standard Hawaiian cock! Looks just like mine (well I have an inch on you, and my foreskin too, but shet, like you say, it is the width that makes the wahine moan!). I don't know if you have gallery access yet, but check out my pics and you'll see one that makes you look like my twin, separated at birth.

Hey I checked out your website from your profile and I love your pics! Since you posted the URL on your profile I guess its OK to mention it so others can find it and enjoy your cock shots! I didn't check out the vid yet. Your cock in hand shot reminds me that this is why Samoans have a special method for JO: since our cocks are too short to take in full hand grip (our hands are wider than our cocks are long!) we use an open hand and push the cock up against our belly, and rub up and down on the underside. Hah! now you guys can try JO Samoan style!

Mahalo for sharing your message and the link to your website. See? mixed folks are the best!

Ioane (himself Samoan/Hawaiian/Chinese)


Close: 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous.

Like my brothers here in Hawai'i, I have a stubby dick, i.e., no sense use my whole hand, since it will be more than enough. but like Ioane said, luckily here in Hawai'i, most of us are smaller endowed.




O tilmon nika - "He who dares, wins"
(Spartan Military Saying)

Eh Jason, you went to Kamehameha? Just wondering, since all I have to judge local cock size by is all the guys I saw in high school football, and that was heavy on the "big blalah" end of the scale, where things might be a little different form "normal." Different on the short and thick end... I remember one portuguese-hawaiian quarterback who was quite hung, for example, his cock jangling around while he walked to the showers, while us big guys just stuck straight out...




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