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Chung KM. "A study on the penile size of Korean men." Korean Journal of Urology 1971: 12:75-8. reports 127 mm for length and 110.6 for girth of glans. Size of study 702 5 x 4.35

134 mm for length and 112 mm for shaft girth. Size of study 150 5.2 x 4.4

Park K, Kim SW, Lee IW, Park K, Kim SW, Paick J-S. "The penile nomogram in Korean males.
118.8 mm for length and 121 mm for shaft girth. Size of sutdy 309. 4.6 x 4.7
y Beijing 1998 reports a study of nearly 2000 medical students with the average length being around 124 mm. 4.8

Total inches 16677 total men 3440 average 4.85


WoW! amazing to see the statistics and metric conversions going on here. You mentioned Japanese studies. I'd be very curious to see if similarly careful studies of Japanese medical students would show the same range of sizes. Korea is a much colder place than Japan. Any statistics from warmer asian places, like Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillipines? I know it is too much to ask for studies of Polynesian penis size, we are just too shy!

Liao, thanks for a great post and for the information. Now I can retire and let a real expert take over.

These studies comfirm the others I have referred to and also tend to confirm the preception that Asian cocks are smaller. I had seen only the one Asian study which I referenced.

Liao, do you have studies from other countries? Also do you have links to the studies you quote? I would love to include them in our library.



Unfortunately, I do not have links to the Korean studies. They are in Korean (except the one in Venerology), so they may not have a large readership here. If links should become available I'll let you know.

The same is true for the Chinese study. Actually, I have not found the Chinese study itself only the report in the China Encyclopedia of Sexology (Zhongguo xingkexue baike quanshu). I could post the Chinese text of that if you would like.

I do know of some other studies for Japan and Thailand but I do not have them at hand now.

One of the problems encountered in obtaining this information is many of these medical journals are not indexed in Medline but in their own country-specific medical indexes. This makes it time consuming to track them down.

I am looking forward to the new Indian study that is now being conducted to help with better condoms. They are looking at over 2000 men and plan to present the data by region. Although there will be questions of accuracy regarding the regional breakdown, nonetheless it will be interesting to see.

Liao, I am afriad the studies in other languages will not help me. I am liguistically impared. I can't even speak Spanish, which allows my Spanish-speaking friends to talk about me in front of me. However, please continue to follow these trails for us and post anything your find (in English, that is.)








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