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I am a rarity: a Samoan who is uncircumcised. Had I been pure Samoan this would certainly never have happened, but I am Chinese-Hawaiian-Samoan, and my Chinese-Hawaiian side was of a mind to keep me intact as a baby. I was teased a little about it growing up, but once I got big the teasing stopped, and because I was rather ashamed of how different I was from most others growing up, I never pulled on my foreskin to make it bigger, but instead, tended to pull it back over my knob so I would appear "cut" with the effect that most people don't think I am uncut when I do this. I am barely long enough when soft to manage it, but there it is... Even today, when I urinate, I pull the foreskin all the way back off my knob before sticking my penis out of my fly. Just a habit. I see more and more uncut men in showers these days, but when I am showering with my Samoan friends, the knob is showing!


One of the studies -- the University of California at San Francisco medical school study is in the library, and the data are linked to this article here.

Dr. Dean Edell Article

However, I had all the other studies I referred to -- the Hong Kong, a Kenya study, one from Italy, and two from Brazil, and those were lost in a crash of my hard disk shortly after I got my new computer last year, and I have not been able to find them again.


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I am a chinese guy from Hng Kong, I've seen a lot of chinese when their cock were hard.I thank the averge size of chinese is about 4.5" x 4.2". The smallest one I've seen is about 3" and the bigger one is six something. I thank what the result mentioned by bear is a bit high for the Hong Kong guys. Because, the small guys are shy to go for the studies. And we've been told by the older boy that the averge size of chinese is 5" when we were little boy. So, when a chinese boy have a penis short then 5" will thank he got a small penis and shy to show or tell other guys.

It's about time I posted again! This topic is right up my alley. I will post my extended bio eventually, but in short, I am of Chinese origin and I was born in Canada. I am slightly tall by Asian norms, 5'10" (178cm), 150 lbs (68 kg), but I am smaller than the 4.5-5.0", which I believe to be average for Asians.
(I'm about 3.5" on a good day!)







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