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I always enjoy reading everything you write. It's as if your profession should be in journalism rather than a construction worker (not that there is anything wrong with that though). Are you college educated? You certainly write with skills much better than most people I know with degrees.

Thank you for your insight. We are indeed lucky to have your presence here.

I'll have to ask my Asian camera buddies to visit here. (Some of them may be amoung the silent.)

I hate to get scientific on you again, but the size ranges I quote from 4.9 to 5.9 -- the 4.9 was from a study in Hong Kong. The 5.9 was from Brazil. The African study was 5.6.



Get as scientific as often as possible and as often as needed. Myths are debunked by emperical data not anecdotes. Keep the science coming......................... do you still have the link for that particular study.


I think Bear posted the study in the library.

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Mahalo Rick:
I was wooed by both my English teachers and my PE teachers when I was in high school, to pursue writing and to pursue football. My Chinese-Hawaiian grandparents were very high on scholarship, and my Samoan immigrant family also looked to education as the key to success in the US, but had no experience on how to pursue that effectively, being so FOB (fresh off da boat). Lucky for my Chinese side of the family, who had a long history of "how to learn" advice for me...and Chinese grandparents who knew how to intimidate me with my obligations to elders, even after I outweighed them by 100 pounds. God bless them!
I do fine in construction, because I have the body to handle the demands of that, for now at least. I also have the brains to help the supervisors and contractors get what they need out of the project team, so I am in demand on projects all over the islands. I think I like that a lot. But I also enjoy the relaxing presence of my fellow construction workers (lots of big Samoans and Hawaiians there!), and can relate at that level entirely as well. Hell I got two different women pregnant when I was younger and not so adept at family planning, married neither, but maintain relationships with both of them and my two sons. So I am a blend of in the dirt/ in your face construction worker, but with a small chinese man inside my soul who wants to analyse everything and gets a chance to every now and then. This place is a good example, and I am thankful for it...

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Aloha Hart:

Aloha is always appropriate, as it is an expression of compassion for another human being.
Aloha defines as "love, sympathy, empathy, compassion, shared fondness, mercy, kindness, charity, veneration, greeting" So it can be used coming or going, and in occasions happy or sad.







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