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Well, among the many Hawaiians I've seen, there is a category that includes very short statured (5' - 5' 5") men with powerful limbs, rather unpleasant facial features (very wide and unusually flattened noses, and very fierce but bright eyes under jutting brows), and just amazingly big penises. There is even a Hawaiian saying that goes "upepe, ma`i nui" (squashed nose, huge hose) that applies perfectly to them, so its been noticed for probably over a thousand years!

Anyway, once I was at a sports camp, and one of the wrestlers was a menehune-type guy. When he was soft he didn't show too much, maybe only 1.5 - 2" and sticking straight out, except it was thick and very dark, being so compressed. But one morning he and I were both slow getting out of our sleeping bags, for the same reason -- we were waiting for our early morning hard-ons to go away first, but they wouldn't go away, so we waited until noone was in the space on the way to the bathroom/showers and we sneaked over. My erection pushed up a tent in my loose PE shorts that we all wore by way of underwear, but HIS erection made this massive tower in his shorts that pulled his shorts tight across his butt. His penis must have been 8 or 9" long, and I had to whisper to him "Oh brah, you get one huge one!" [forgive the Hawaiian pidgin - I slip in and out of it as I am spoken to] and he just grinned real wide as we got into separate toilet stalls to piss.

So anyway, while the "asian" tendency is as I described (at least in my experience), the exceptions are out there. The nice thing in Hawaii is that most of us are modestly endowed, so the public shower shame is much less intense.




Howdy Ioane ! I was dying to say 'Aloha' ... would that have been OK?
Thank you for sharing that fascinating information. I think it's fantastic that you're here and willing to give us a look at a culture about which most of us, sadly, know very little. I feel as if you're offering us mini-lessons in history and anthropology, with some hot sexology thrown in for good measure!


P.S. How common is circumcision in your part of the world ? If you'd like to talk about it, please start a thread in the "Foreskin Afficianado" forum. Thanks!


"Friends are the family we choose for ourselves"


Good topic Rick.

We get the most traffic from Asian countries believe it or not.

However they remain silent.

We'd love to hear from those cuties.

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