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We have all read the so-called Asian and black myths about dick size and some here dispute that as having no validity whatsoever. But I would like to hear from our Asian members what their opinion is about what they perceive as the average length of their fellow Asian race.

I have been in correspondence back and forth with a nice guy who lives in Singapore and he says his is 5". And, furthermore he says that the average he has seen for Chinese (which he is) is 4". He is gay and age 25 and has had many Chinese sexual partners. He is considered "large" comparatively speaking in Singapore, although, no doubt, there are probably others who are larger than he. And, no doubt there are others who are smaller than 4". As to what the average is for Chinese, I have no earthly idea. But since he is Chinese I thought it would be an interesting discussion.

If we have Asians here who will speak up and share info with us, it could enlighten us. An Asian member of Measurection is more likely to think he himself is on the small side, but more what I think many would be interested in is that Asian members' perception of what he thinks the "average" length of his race......i.e., if he is Japanese what does he think the average is of Japanese men. Or Chinese....Thai....etc. -- speaking from his own experience sexually.

I am one who is and always has been in awe of the Asian peoples of the world. Particularly, I find Asian men to be irresistibily sexy and highly intelligent. I would love to get to know Asian men, but have not prior to now. I think Asian men in general are amazed at my height (6'4") and surely must wonder if my dick is 12" -- LOL. They would be so amazed to find otherwise. The car I drive is Japanese and it is the highest rated vehicle in the world -- a true example of the intelligence and ingenuity of the Japanese people.

And, if any Asian men want to meet me, please feel free to contact me anytime!


Well, I am part asian, being Chinese-Samoan-Hawaiian, and growing up in Hawaii, I've seen a lot of asian penises in locker rooms, showers, etc., even a few hard ones. There are surprises, of course, but the typical asian penis tends to short to button-like when flacid, especially on larger-bodied asian men (e.g., 5'7" 185+ lbs) the more slightly built guys show a lot of variation, but tend to hang 2-3" when soft, and 4-5.5" when hard, with a narrow shaft and much wider knob. Of course you do run into some stallions. I've seen a couple of taller Korean and Chinese men who were really well hung, and of course with all the ethnic mixing in Hawaii a little bit of portuguese in the mix can really change things!

Of course, us Polynesians (e.g., island people from the Pacific, within the triangle formed by Easter Island, New Zealand and Hawaii -- folks like Samoans, Tahitians, Hawaiians, Maoris, etc.) we all stem from SE Asia long ago and share some of the Asian pattern. We tend to be short-cocked, but because we have been selected for warfare and long cold trans oceanic voyages, we tend to be big bodied and generally thick, men and women both. this applies to our penises as well -- they tend to be quite thick, often well above average thick. I've seen hundreds of Hawaiian and Samoan and Tongan penises and most of us also tend to the 4-6" range, but one exception is interesting: there is a story in Hawaii about the menehune, a "short people" who were thought to be magical, and were very industrious, building huge things like walls and canals overnight, etc. And among their qualities was that they were supposed to be very impressive sexually. "Normal" Hawaiian women would want menehune husbands, but menehune wanted only to keep to themselves.







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