Do You Have A Small Penis Size ?

" Penis Enlargement Does Not Work.
But You Can Still Become The Envy Of Any Man
Despite Your Small Penis Size.

small penis size


oh for me it just has to be big or I am not fulfilled and we all hang onto that one line, we ignore the other 999. THats our insecurity, not the reality of what people want or need.

The solution is not accepting I have a smaller penis. THe solution is knowing that my penis size has no bearing on my capability as a lover or the definition of my manhood. I am an emotion, spiritual, sexual being. My penis is only an appendage that plays little a bit part in the movie of life. As an famous actress once said "there are no small parts, there are only small actors" My penis is a small (physically) part in the great movie, but I am not a small actor."

My sister in law went to see strippers one night with friends. Afterwards we were talking and she asked if those guys were normal. She asked "what the hell would you do with something that big".(I thought that was hilarious for same reason) Obviously my brother is not large either and the guys she saw, she loved their bodies, their dancing, but didn't think much of their SCHLONGS......and she is now celebrating her HAPPY 35 years of marriage to the same guy....guess the small penis doesn't play a major role in their lives. Maybe my brother is a big actor too.

I am not sure I am in a position to give advice to anyone else on this subject. For that matter, probably nobody is. When I was younger, I cannot imagine anybody being able to convince me that I should be satisfied and happy with my small penis. I wanted mine to be 7” long X 6” girth. That has changed.

Some guys have small dicks and do not have hang-ups about it. Some of us have small dicks and do/did have hang-ups about it. Life is just that way. We are different and THANK GOD for that! I think acceptance is something we each have to come to on our own. And, I do believe it is a matter of acceptance.

For me, it was not ever a matter of hating my penis or wishing I had one like Mikie’s. I have always loved my penis, and thought it was handsome. It works well, performs when I need it to, brings me and my wife great pleasure, feels great in my hand and does not gag her (or anybody else who has ever sucked on it.) She can take it all without any hesitation and has even at times commented that she feels if it were bigger it would be uncomfortable. SO, why would I want it to be bigger??? JUST BECAUSE I WOULD, go figure.

You asked: please write what you'd say to a young man (maybe even a young you) who has just told you he's feeling really badly about having a small penis. What insights would you impart to him to bring some healing with this part of his life? Thanks and blessings for your insights in advance.


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