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billybuck2, did any of the 'hung' boys ever make any comments about you?

Has anybody mentioned the Rolling Stone article from last year that talked about this one guy who was 8 inches when he was 10? (He's now 13.5")... it's at . The original magazine article had pictures from when he was a kid, too (uhhhh, regular pictures!)

I posted earlier in this thread about when I was an assistant swim coach and spent my college summers at summer camp and thought I could go on for "hours," but looking back I don't think I can! There was just that one kid that I saw in the locker room who had that monster. And I think I only saw about 10-15 erections total at summer camp, out of probably several hundred kids over the six summers, so I don't have much to compare. As I recall, though, the erections were all normal sized for the kids in my section anyway (ages 10-12), which was somewhere between pinky and index finger length.

Except there was one boy one summer I do remember, who was 10 and still prepubescent, but his penis seemed completely full-sized in thickness and length (around the same as mine, which is 6" erect). But I only saw him flaccid, and he was pretty shy, come to think of it.

But one thing I do remember noticing was that the really well-built boys (solid like a football player) tended to have the smallest penises, sometimes not much more than just a little head sticking out, and the skinnier kids tended to be longer. Not exactly a scientific study, I know, just an observation...

Interesting observation, RonW. As a kid of that age I was impossibly skinny and lanky, so I would have fit into the picture. The amateur psychologist in me immediately suggests a causal connection - maybe the lesser endowed kids felt a need to compensate for this by building their muscles?
Probably this has been thoroughly discussed somewhere in the depths of this forum, so, what do the experts say? Are guys with smaller penises more inclined to work out?

It's not from working out, I just mean the kids who have that body type (mesomorphic) who are basically just born with more muscle fibers so have already-defined pecs and biceps at a very young age. Maybe whatever genes control that also influence penis size... ?

Never heard any comments, nor did I ever get any smug looks from the hung kids, but they sure didn't hold back from flaunting their endowments, like in open shower rooms spending a LONG time with their backs to the showerheads! Closest I ever came to one of 'em hard was a kid who rolled against me in the night a couple of times, sharin' a bed in a motel on the trip. I just made like I was sound asleep, hopin' he wouldn't discover I had a ragin' hardon myself!







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