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This is my first post. I just found out about this site. This was back when I was getting close to or was already in Jr. High. I was with my friend and his younger brother of two years and his dad took us to the gym they went to. We worked out and played basketball then headed for the locker room. Looking back at it now it seems funny but back then I remember it felt like I was in hell. The locker room has open showers as well as a steam room and spa. I remember I tried to get into the spa as fast as I could but I remember my friend and his younger brother looking at and smirking. I saw them go in first and they were both much bigger, even my friends younger brother. The bubles were on in the spa so I could hide it but I remember the timmer went off and they asked me to get out and rester the timmer. I got out and turned it back on but did not to turn back and face them so I said I was going into the steam room. The followed later and I remember my friend trying to look at "it" through the steam so he can size me up more. Then he said we better get going so we went in the shower room were I am sure he got a better look at it. I got in first and of course they took the shower heads right besides me so at that point there was no way to hide it. I also saw more of them and it was really embarasing at the time. I remember getting out of the shower and saying to my self I will never go to the gym with them again. LOL

If I am online feel free to PVT.

between ages 12 to 37, often was in showers with peers, and especially between 21 and 38 in group showers with 13-17 yo's on cross-country 4-week Scouting trips in the summer, staying at military bases, high schools, etc. It always amazed me that on every one of those 19 trips there were ALWAYS kids who were hung like hell, even with more pubes than me! I never saw any of them hard, but often wondered what they DID look like hard!

Wow, I don't check this forum for a couple of days and it really takes off. Special thanks go out to the new posters (garconfort and PHXsmallDIC). Welcome to the site! First off let me say that your english is superb garconfort. I hope you will share many more of your stories with us. This website welcomes people with all different endowments so please don't be shy. PHXsmallDIC, if you are like myself, and many of us here, I would imagine that you have more stories to share as well. Again, welcome and keep the posts coming.

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