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When I was 12 or 13 (already started pueberty), I never really thought much about penis size....until I saw younger step-brother who was about 2 years younger than me.
One day we were walking trough a trail i the woods and he said he had to stop and pee. I was thinking much of it at the time when he walked over to a tree and unzipped. For some reason, he turned around (while peeing) and started swinging his dick around. I couldn't believe the size of it. He couldn't have been older than 11 and was a skinny little kid, but he was packing a whopper!! To that point, I had never seen anything like that. His limp dick was easily 3 times the size of my hardon - or at least that's what it seemed like. At that time, I was probably about 1.5"-2" erect. Also, he was MUCH thicker than I ever imagined a penis could be. I was totally i nawe. The worst part was that I had to take a pee, too...but I was so embarrassed that he'd see my little thing, I almost wet my pants.
It was after that experience that I started "checking out" other guy's packages whenever I had the opportunity. I still tend to do it today...guess I'm just waiting to see one smaller than mine!

Hey small1,

Thanks for the story. There are plenty of us out here with smaller ones than yourself. I wouldn't think you would have to look too hard to find one.

"The more I know, the less I understand"

More younger with longer, of course with me that's not very hard to find. Went to a Nudist resort a month ago and saw some interesting dicks. All measurements are slack unless otherwise noted. One young boy must have been between 9 and 11 no pubes but his dick was ¾ inch thick and at least 3 ½ inches long maybe more so he was as long as me in that department and not yet to puberty. There was another boy about the same age and he was running around with a semi erect one most of the day again no pubes and thin but around the 3 inch mark. All the other prepubescents were in the 1.5 to 2 inch range I guess. One lad about 13/14 with a dark thick bush had one about the 4 inch mark maybe a little bit longer but really thick. Another was maybe a year older but had close to 5 inches hanging below, he was better hung than his father who was with him. The father was a little over 4 inches I guess. Terry

Hey RonW
Apart from the one noted above and one ypung kid I saw playing with his dick which only got slightly firmer I have never seen a boy with an erection, although I know it happens. Never happened to me as far as I know, don't remember getting one till I was about 16years. My wife came home from looking after a family a few years ago and told me about the 8/9 year old in the shower with an erection which she said was as long as mine but not as thick ie 3.5-4ins. She also saw a boy of about 10 years , the son of a friend she stayed with many years ago who used to run around the house in the morning sporting a good 5-6in erection. I guess he was taking after his father who was nicknamed Sam the Ram. Terry

Hey small1 like you I keep looking for those guys the same size or smaller than me. I know they exist but I have only seen 3 guys the same size and 1 smaller than me. Not many when I guess I have seen at least 200 at nude swim nights and clothes optional festivals.








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