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We were all chatting and as beth was almost done brushing her teeth, matt opened the shower door and said, "just had to warm it up!", and Beth and I both turned to look and he was standing there, drippng wet, and cock was rock hard. I was shocked to see that his previously short, thick wrinkled stub, had grown into an impressive 7.5" (my best guess) upward curving, perfect specimen of cock. As quickly as he had shown us, he slammed the door and tuened around. Beth was just frozen with her mouth hung open. I was beet red, knowing that she was mentally comparing my 18 year old boy dick to his 14 yar old man cock.
We left Matt to finish showering, and went to her room. I was still embarassed, and she was kind of quiet, but she finally said "What a perv" (referring to Matt). I said "was that the first time you have ever seen Matt naked?". "It has been a LONG time, like since he was a baby" she said, "he HAS grown some since then" she said while laughing.

I was thinking of a way to save myself, so I said "yeah,
that pool sure had an effect on me. i should have taken a
little hotter shower if I knew you were gonna see me"

She was like "what? what difference would that have made? weren't you as hard as you get?"

I was stunned, but was able to mutter out "yeah, i was
completly hard"

She said "oh, i thought it might get bigger, since it
wasn't pointing up, like Matt's"

I replied by saying "that how mine gets when it is fully

Beth repsonse stays with me still, "well,don't worry about
it, i'm sure it's just fine"

That was the last we spoke of it, and went to have dinner. All I could think about all night was that Beth knew her 14 year old borther had a better looking and bigger dick that her 18 year old boyfriend.

We had sex a few times before breaking up, and it was "just
fine" as she would probably describe it, but I knew she was
aware that there is more out there than what I could offer.

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Wow, great post. Thanks for sharing that with us. It must have been painful for you, and it takes great courage to share your vulnerabilities. I am sure you will find many, many men on here that have very similare stories.

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Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.


Great story imjustaguy. Thats what I'm talking about. We need more people to join in and tell their stories as well. By the way, I never quite made it to 4.5" so be happy that yours kept growing from there.

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