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Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

When I was 18 I dated a 17 year old girl who did not have
super model looks, but was cute and kind of a free spirit,
as is her brother I later found out. The memorable event I
am telling involved a pool party at her house.

She and I had just finished swimming and I went and showered and chenged while she was getting her clothes ready for dinner that night. As I was getting undressed to shower, she entered the bathroom and saw me naked, with incredible shrinkage, no balls to speak of and my "dick" was just a small little nubbin. I said that the water was cold and she just laughed and said, it didn't seem like it, but I guess it was freezing to you. I hopped int the shower and tried to warm myself up and gave myself a little tug to bring it out of hiding.
When i was done, i just left the shower running for her and got dressed. While I was putting on my boxers, she came in and saw me again, this time I felt confdent in my package, which was visible this time. She just smiled and got undressed. I just stood there and as she got naked, I got hard. (I must admit that I am not huge, and have grown about 2" since then , but at the time I was about 4.5 " hard, but she had never seen me naked, so I figured now was as good a time as any. My dick is curved to the left and doesn't point up or anything, just gets hard.) She stood there and I just let myself get completly hard. She just smiled and said "thanks for the compliment, looks like your not cold anymore", then she stepped into the shower. I finished getting dressed and just sat there talking to her, waiting for her to finish.
When she got out, she wrapped herself in a robe and started combing her hair. As we were in there chatting, her 14 year old brother knocked on the door saying he needed to shower (since he was swimming longer, we were probably gonna be late for our dinner reservations) Beth said he could come in and shower. I was just getting ready to leave and expected Beth to leave with me. When he got in, he turned the shower back on, grabbed a towel, and just pulled down his swim trunks.
Now, I am not gay, but of course I was curious as to what this boy had, and so was Beth, as she made no attempt to hide the fact she was looking at his dick (in the relecftion in the miorror). It was apparent that the cold pool water had the same effect on him, but his dick was VERY wrinkley and thick, but very short and no sign of balls.

Beth said, "you gonna try to blame the cold water too?"

he just told her to "shut up" as he got in the shower.





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