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Ahhhhh, no he didn't, he was way before puberty (little marble-sized balls etc) and I wasn't about to put my head down there to look and have somebody walk in (he must have been looking at little micro-hairs or something). But I did put my hand adjacent to it thinking I'd note the end points then measure it later because it sure seemed bigger than mine (it was from the tip of my index finger to just about my thumb's base knuckle, a touch over 5.0" -- I'm telling you, that is a MONSTER on a little 60-pound 2nd or 3rd grader!)

But mostly I remember being shocked -- well at first it was shock, then kind of feeling happy for him, then depressed because he was obviously going to grow and probably be way bigger than me in just a couple years, plus his brother was probably bigger than me already... and I also felt a little mad that I missed out on something, it was a strange feeling.

(I never saw his brother erect, but flaccid it looked about the same length as his. I don't think you'd really know it by looking at either of them flaccid, though, it was just a moderate amount longer than the other kids).

Doesn't it pretty much double pre-puberty to adulthood? I remember measuring mine at 3" as a little kid, and now I'm 6.0"... wonder if he's almost 10" now? (This was about 15 years ago).

Lucky kids, anyway... they definitely had the biggest I've ever seen on prepubertal kids, and I've probably seen several hundred between the swim team and my years at summer camp. Like that guy above, I could go on for hours!

Wow, what an amazing story! I have to admit that it actually makes me kinda sad for those boys, on two levels:

1) If, when they grow up, their penis' ARE that big... they will face a lot of problems. We have had our share of larger men on here, that have faced situations that were devestating because of the size of their penis. I know that my ex, who is 9", has MAJOR complex's about his penis, and himself (he can't get over the fact that he is NOT his penis). He was teased unmercifully as a child, being called "Meat" and such. Teasing is teasing. It affects him as an adult, and he has little to no self esteem (and he really is a very good looking man), and awful self body image. Can anyone relate to this?

2) If, as they grow up, their penis' DON'T grow any more, again, they will face the psychological effects of that. It doesn't matter what size your penis is as a small child, when you learn that something is supposed to get bigger, and it doesn't, I don't think that original size is taken into the equation until they are in their twenties or so. Unless the effects of THAT trauma have too good a hold. Can anyone relate to this?

BTW: Ron, welcome to the site. A fantastic first post, that was very insightful, both about the boys, and about your reactions. I am glad you are here. I enjoyed reading this, and it really made me think.




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