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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this thread so popular. I recently started a similar thread in the measurection bathhouse titled teen experiences. I have already posted the majority of my experiences that still linger in my memory. Please feel free to join in and share your experiences here or in the bathhouse.

"The more I know, the less I understand"

I recall as a freshman in high school having a very striking experience in this regard. Imatured quite early, and had a very airy chest and body by that point, which was somewhat unusual. I played tennis, and one time after practice found myself on the way to the large group shower with a teammate I had not previously seen nude. He commented to me how he wished he had a hairy chest like I did, as it would seem to be a real plus in attracting the girls. I acknowleged that I liked it, and we joked a bit, as he was absolutely hairless. We undressed and went into the shower and I could barely restrain my gasp when he turned around and I saw what was easily and without exaggeration5 1/2 to 6" soft (to my 2 1/2 or so at the time). I made a joke how THAT must be a plus with the girls and he just smiled.

I have since found that (anecdotal as it is) a disproportionate number of men who are (as he was) hairless, very tall and thin (ectomorphic) with long arms and legs have unusual endowments. In any case, it was my first "shower experience" with someone who was so strikingly large. Who knows what happened when he was hard!

Hi M I have a friend who matches your description of your shower mate that day. He is very tall, hairless and long limbed and thin. His cock is 5.5 to 6" slack and 8" erect and reasonably thick with it but not as thick as yours mate probably about 5 to 5.5" erect girth.


When I was just out of college I was an assistant swim coach for a year-round swim team for several years, and there were these two brothers (8 and 10 when I started) but one of them had this MONSTER. The first time I saw was after a practice maybe six months after I started. I had rolled up the the lane lines and everything, then had to go through the lockers to get something from my car, and the 8 year old was still in there, alone, just taking this long hot shower. Well I look over and he's got this MONSTER erection. I think it was the combination of a large size on his tiny frame that made me gasp, it just seemed huge. I stopped and said something that I don't remember, and he looked over and kind of blushed, shut off the shower and walked over. He didn't try to cover anything (I don't think he realized what a "boner" was), just stood there as I asked if his Mom was coming to pick him up, and where was his brother? I don't remember how he answered, but then he goes "Coach Ron, look, I got HAIR on my weenie!!!"



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