Do You Have A Small Penis Size ?

" Penis Enlargement Does Not Work.
But You Can Still Become The Envy Of Any Man
Despite Your Small Penis Size.

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I've wrestled this self-esteem thing to a standstill pretty much all my life, and I've had a good sex life, by and large, and a good marriage. But I can't say I have defeated it. Accept it--maybe. Like it? Never.

And that's what I truly hope I can learn through whatever answers are posted in response to your question. I want to learn from guys who like the hand they were dealt, who feel that they lucked out, who feel that well-hung guys envy them. Is that possible?

Right now, I can only tell a younger guy to fight as hard as he can, that he can have a great relationship with luck (true for anybody) and effort. But I can't tell him how to love what he's got. I hope I can learn, from the experience of others, how to have a really positive attitude toward my small endowment that doesn't involve becoming delusional.

Again, a really insightful question.


I'd tell a young man to start by reading all around this site, which I wish had been there when I was young. But of course that was when people built buildings on university campuses to house their computers. Had this material been available to me when I was in my twenties, I might not now be looking back on a partially ruined life with bitterness toward much of mankind. I'd tell that young man to enjoy life in whatever way he can, letting nothing stand in his way to prevent his pursuit of pleasure and the fullness of life. Even though times and technologies have changed, and even because of the changes, so many things are open to the young that were not open to me. I'm not healed yet, but at least I'm scabbed over and not dribbling pus on the floor!
Thanks to all for the good insights.

I not sure I understand this statement. DOes everyone want to be the 'same'. We can't all give the same sensations regardless, because love is more than sticking an 8" salami into someone. Sorry but emotions, communications, caring and growing together play a HUGE part in love. TRUE we can't 'fill' a woman, but thats not what every woman wants all the time or for that matter even at all. To me its like going out with a taller girl (gasp) in the old days, the guy just had to be taller....a stupid conception that had no merit whatsoever.

Society doesn't value the high end, marketers want us to believe that. Just like when the first imports arrived, marketers saying "hah, who would want one of those small cheap cars, when you can have a megasaur of an american car." BIEGGER IS NOT BETTER, ITS A LIE. Society in general places very little value on being bigger or smaller. Society doesn't realy give a damn, but WE do, its our hangup. Just like society 40 years ago didn't really value huge busts. Yes we did in our models, our actresses or 'heroine' but how many men really insisted on huge mams in their wives. If they weren't satisfied there would be a lot of small unmarried women and it didn't happen, but the 'ads' were everywhere, we must must must, improve our busts. Exercises and creams and lotions being sold by marketers, gotta have a big bust if you want a man. Special bras and everything to look bigger and it all went by the wayside, when women became liberated in their own sexuality. A 1000 women could say size doesn't matter, but one says


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