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I could go on about this one for hours. I remember being a senior in high school and playing racketball with a younger brother (sophomore) of a friend of mine. Showering after the game, I saw that he just had a small patch of hair above his dick. His dick was huge. It must have hung five or six inches. Seeing my much shorter dick, he began to flop his around, ultimately becoming hard. It was easily between 8 and 9 inches. Later, I had been coaching junior high basketball. In the locker room after practice, there were a few 12 year olds who had very large dicks. On one occasion, I saw one of the boys get hard. He had a good seven inches. It was really kind of arousing seeing these young guys with large dicks. While I have never had a gay relationship and don't really think I want to, it has always aroused me seeing large guys - especially ones younger than me.

Hey 9hard,

I would love to hear you go on for hours on this subject! Great first post. Welcome to the site. Please continue.....

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Hi, i am opposite of this category, being one who was younger was bigger than most, I remember my first experience when i was 13, my friend and I decided to show off our dicks and mine was small at that age maybe 3 inches hard, him and his brother always made fun of me for that. Well when i was between those ages i grew alot in height and in size, at 15 i was about 6 inches soft and 7.5 hard, well we all went to the pool him and his family, and thay just stared in awe, i could tell many of the guys in there were jealouse of my size, and especially my friends brother who then was 18 and was 2 inches smaller. I was kind of embarassed but also happy.

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Like Smokeylink I could put up with you going on for hours on this why not post some more and welcome to the site.


Hey Superman24
Was talking to a friend yesterday about the same situation. He matured early and I matured late so we were at oposite ends of the scale so to speak. He was embarassed to show himself because of his size compared to his peer group and I was embarassed because of my lack of development, so like him I did not expose myself in the showers. Now when we get together we let it all hang out as we are both Nudists. We are about the same length slack but he is much thicker. Welcome to the site.



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