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What message did the camp send? A positive one, I hope!

Also, just a thought...

I had a hard time with puberty. I was one of the first boys in my 5th or 6th grade class to grow hair, etc. The young kids that I've met who have large penises at a young age seem to have a harder time with things. While now I wish I was larger, a small penis at that age helped me to fit in amongst my peers (then, the same size). I didn't feel so different. I can't imagine having a boy's body-size and an adult's dick-size at the same time. It must be very difficult - to keep both your own and other's attentions from it. Kids want to be kids, for the most part. I'm sure I would have like having a big dick before I had a need or desire to use it. I don't know. Just a thought.

Love is an instant. Love-making's forever. Finding love is love-making, making the instant of love.

Nobody was like mean about it.I wasn't the only 13 y/o with a small one and no hair.That didn't show up in noticable amounts until I was 14.

I come from China and my penis is A bit smaller than the average, but in the normal range, in my oppion. I am 160cm tall, 55kg with a penis of 11.5cm (4.5 inches) when erect. I have the same experiences. The first time happens when I was 18years old. I went to one of my uncles' house in another town. After a day's playing, I entered the shower room with my 13 year cousin together. He was a little taller than me, about 163cm then. When we got undressed I saw his penis. It is almost about the same size of mine, perhaps a little longer, with some pubic hairs around it. We talked about it and we got erected. I was ashamed to see that his penis is langer than mine. We put our penises closely. It's obviously that his penis is longer by a glans. After shower we went to the bedroom and measured. His is 14.5cm (5.75 inches) long and 10-10.5cm (abount 4 inches) around. And he had told me that the dick is 12cm long when he first measured after graduated from primary school. And he had only very several tiny pubic hairs at that time. He is 12 years 2 months old then. According to my estimation, the average penis length is about 12-13cm for a Chinese adult. He has reached the size by age 12. His penis grows slowly after that and stops enlargement at 15 or 16 years old. Now he is about 167cm tall, with a penis of 16cm.

When I was at the Y months ago there were 2 kids probably around 11-12 in the men's shower. One was heavier set while the other was kinda slim. The heavier set kid was small, maybe a 1.5" soft, while the other seemed about my size or maybe even slightly longer. He looked to be at least 3.5" soft, maybe even 4." His soft girth was probably thinner than mine, but not by much. It definitely surprised me at the time. But then it occurred to me that guys with big dicks were probably fairly big when they were younger.




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