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The strange thing is that now, as an adult, I inconsciously maybe try to cach up with my partially lost childhood, being even more childish now than when I was 14 or 15. Maybe that´s one of the reasons why I mostly have had sex and friendship with guys younger than me...(now at 30 my lovers tend to be in their early twenties, and when I was 22-23 they were often from 15-20...).

My point was, that also being more mature than your friends can be quite a problem. So it´s not only the "small" guys that maybe got their puberty very late that can feel as outsiders!

When I was a senior in High School, I had a schedule that required me to take gym with the 10th graders. I have always had a tiny dick. Even now at 36 it is only 4" when hard.

The gym class was swimming. I had just had a hernia operation, and so my pubes were totally shaved. The guys were not too good about putting their school issued swim suits in the proper recepticle, so the coach decided to collect the suits at the entrance to the showers.

I had to shower nude and then walk nude and pubeless from the shower area to my locker.

It seemed like all of the 10th grade boys had bigger dicks than me and they all had hair. It was an experience I will never forget.

They called attention to my tiny cock and shaved bush. It was even worse because they were 10th graders and I was a senior.

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When I was 15 I had a friend who was 12. He wanted to see my dick and I pulled out my little bonner. He said wow its tiny look at mine, and pulled out this huge member. He was short, skinny, and had no hair. here I was mature for 15 and my stiff dick was half the size of this 12 year olds flacid penis. I watched him show it off as it flopped around feeling so ashamed. My tiny penis shunk inside my body as his thick hanging hunk of manhood put me to shame.

First post here.Scout camp when I was 13 was when I realized that a lot of younger guys than me had much larger penises.Also being on a swim team at the same time.But scout camp sent the message because there were so many more dudes that you would see nude in the shower.



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