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I know this doesn't exactly fit into the context of this message, but when I was 12 I went to Florida with a friend. It was the first time since I was a very little kid that I saw someone my age naked (in fact, its really the first time I ever remember seeing someone my age naked).

Now, I know this thread is about seeing younger people, but well, for one, he was a few months younger---but more importantly, he hadn't started puberty yet. I, on the other hand, was pretty much done in the penis department lol. Not to mention, almost done in general (I probably grew another 4 inches, maybe 5, in height).

Its odd, but I didn't get undressed in front of him---not out of embarrisment of my penis (at that time, I thought I was big, well, not big flacid, but erect anyway, and not small flacid, because I knew I was one of the few to have developed so early)

Anyway, like I said, his was about the same size flacid...which put away the myth that I was big flacid lol, seeing him the same size as mine and he having not started puberty.

I'm glad I didn't dress in front of him though, for those similar reasons, not size but developement. I didn't want to embarriss him. Because, had the roles been switched, even if I were about the same size, seeing your best friend naked, and looking so much older, would have been pretty wierd and I think it would have burned in my mind.

Actually, more than wishing I'd have a bigger penis (which I really don't care about at this point), I wish I could have grown at 13-14 like normal. It was wierd being bigger and more mature than everyone---not just in terms of height-and kind of uncomfortable I guess, looking back to all those years ago lol.

Eh, off topic as usual.

Hey Ryeguy, I kinda know what you had went through...When I was 13, I was already 6' tall. In fact, I believe since the 4th grade, I was the tallest person in my schools. (elem, J.H. and H.S.)


Will I find you?



Of course you are right...

But Envy COULD be one reason. But of course I know it was not the only one..another one could be, that I - being more "mature" or "adult" than them, sort of felt "superior" to them. Not because I had a bigger Dick, but because I mentally felt they were to childish for me. Now as an adult I have realised that maybe at that time I could sometimes seem a little arrogant to the other Kids. But I just did´nt feel well being a lot more mature fisically and maybe partially also mentally tham them, so I tended to search more for friendship with people older than me.




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