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When I was 13, I played in a Soccer Team (in Europe we prefere real football, which is what you call "Soccer"..."American Football" to me seems more like rugby than football!) in the Northern part of my Country. One day after training we had to shower and unfortunately I got a very heavy erection in front of 4-5 of the other boys in the shower. It was very embarrassing: they all just starred at me for several seconds, without saying anything. One of the smaller boys, who had a penis about 2 inches (13 years old but looked younger), had a very hard time trying not to laugh at me. My penis was totally stif and as long at it could get at 13, surely about 7 inches, which was much more than most of the other guys - except one of them, who may have been about 6 inches long. From that day all the boys looked at me in a very strange way, almost like they were afraid of me, almost avoiding to talk to me, as they were ashamed by their own small penises. One day I heard a couple of them talking about my dick, as they did´nt notice that I stood very close to them. One of them called me:"him with the huge dick". I know they were envious, and maybe for that I stopped playing with that team a couple of months later. So it is not necessarely cool to be a small boy with a big dick!

Now, as an adult, I have no problems, since my size fit quite well into average sites (allthough in the bigger end). Now, I sometimes even dream about having an even bigger dick...but maybe I shoud be happy about what I got...

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just a though, but perhaps envy isn't what kept them back? errr...there could be numerous other reasons...


Bear, that's a sobering comment. You, who've been at this "get-over-it" thing for a long time, haven't yet found the way past step one. I really respect your honesty. I can't even do your first step with consistency--I can do it sometimes, and I certainly do have a life, but I can't do it all the time for sure. And as for the additional steps to being fully happy with what you've got? That's beyond my imagining. The envy always is there, like a virus. I hate (and am embarrassed by) being small now, in my 50s, as much as after adolescence. no progress. I can't figure out how to do the mindfuck to make myself believe it's all OK.

But I too [seriously] am always impressed with Mr Happy's determination. I keep watching him, trying to see if I can figure it out...




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