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Since my cock has always been of a relatively good size (about 7 inches), I did´nt really had that type of "humiliating" (but maybe it is ridicolous to talk about "humiliation")experiences as a Kid.

But being a gay, sometimes I have dated young teenboys. Two years ago, when I was 28 years old, I brought a 17 years old boy at home, and we masturbated. In fact I also sucked his dick. We seemed to have more or less the same dick size, but I had the feeling that his might have been just a very little bit longer. In fact when we measured, mine was 7 inces, and his 7 1/4 inces. But I did´nt feel humiliated, just excited....He maybe was about 1,75 meter tall, the same as I am.

At the same time, I had an experience with a very pretty and horny 21 years old guy. He was only 1,70 m. tall (don´t know the American number system...!). But he had a thick and long cock, I measured it and it was 21 cm. long. Very huge on such a small guy!

As told before, I don´t have any "humiliating" situation from my childhood to tell about. Or at least not where I have been humiliated myself. In fact, honestly until I was 17-18 years old I never saw a boy whit a larger penis than myself, because at 13 3/4-14 years of age, my penis already reached the actual size of about 7 inches. I was always among the two-three guys with the biggest one. If not the biggest...; infact, given that my weight was 30 pounds lower at that time, I remember that my penis seemed even longer than now, at least in comparison to the rest of the body. I have slight memories of having measured my penis to 7 1/4 inches at 14 years of age...because I was so thin that I did´nt have any bodyfat to hide some of the penis (now my weight is 90 kilos, or 180 pounds, so ½ inch may be hidden behind the skin...). And also because I maybe was more horny at that time, always having a hard one on in the shower at school.

I many times saw older boys with smaller cocks. I remember a couple of boys who when they were about 14-15 had smaller cocks than I had at 12. But people are different of course!

I remember that at the time I was 10 me and my little brother (at that time 7) slept in a room at my grandparents house with our two cousins. The oldest one was almost 12, that is almost two years older than me, and the other cousin was also 7-8 years old like my brother. We din´nt have any "doctorgames", but I remember my older cousin changing in front of me, and I honestly was kind of shocked to see how little his flaccid penis was. No pubic hair and maybe 1½ inces long. At that time, at 10, I had already started to get my first pubic hair and the first ejaculation, and even that I did´nt measure it, I remember that my penis was quite long for my age, probably about 4½-4 3/4 inches erected at 10 years of age. Which I suppoose was still at least the double of my older cousin...



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