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Bear, that's a sobering comment. You, who've been at this "get-over-it" thing for a long time, haven't yet found the way past step one. I really respect your honesty. I can't even do your first step with consistency--I can do it sometimes, and I certainly do have a life, but I can't do it all the time for sure. And as for the additional steps to being fully happy with what you've got? That's beyond my imagining. The envy always is there, like a virus. I hate (and am embarrassed by) being small now, in my 50s, as much as after adolescence. no progress. I can't figure out how to do the mindfuck to make myself believe it's all OK.

But I too [seriously] am always impressed with Mr Happy's determination. I keep watching him, trying to see if I can figure it out...

Boy am I jealous!!! It's enough to make me want to by those stupid useless pills.

Gaelin, the hurt and anger really show thru! I suggest hanging out here for a while. This really is a healthy site, with great people who like new friends. I hope to read more from you soon!

girlTALK Goddess / Forum Moderator
Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

Gaelin, stick around like Diane has said, you can read and learn alot in here. Hope to see you around


I joined the service when I was 20, most others who had joined at the same time were 18 if that.

My worst experience (or one of the worst), was when getting swim certified. We were in-
structed how to scrub down and then have to walk into a multi shower head area, the last set of shower heads were set into the floor and faced front to back. We were instructed that we must squat over these shower heads until told to continue on....Bad mistake I laughed. My job for the next hour was to make sure everyone else squated properly. I for the most part only made sure they ducked down, didn't even look to see it they dipped in the streams of water.

Another cruelty was that anyone who forgot their trunks had to swim naked....Even small I would have thanked them not to have to swim in the tent they issued me. Being one of the shortest individuals (and hated by my company officers), I had to enter the water and tread first. This doesn't sound so bad till you realize there were 45 others in my bootcamp company, and several were "non swimmers" who sank like rocks. Needless to say my "tread water for 15 minutes" lasted a good hour and a half.

Nothing to do with the subject, but I did get to see a few (90-100) young men naked and only 2 were as small as me. And yes, during the "squat" regimen, I had to remain naked and cold (the showers and pool were heated).



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