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One more story to tell in the interest of keeping this thread alive. I have mentioned this one in one of the other forums. I used to play racquetball fairly often with a friend of mine up until about our mid 20s. Once when we were 22, I was surprised to find than he brought his little brother along to play. I was definitely very aprehensive because I knew that we would be in the showers afterwards and figured there was altleast some potential that his brother would show me up (so to speak) in the locker room. I did make sure to outclass him on the racquetball court just so he would know that there is a difference between a boys and men. He was 14 and I was not sure whether he had started puberty yet or not. After playing, we headed to locker room. The lockers where we changed out of our clothes were not in the same isle so I did have the chance to pull on my little guy to get it to hang somewhat. As I headed for the shower, his brother was walking in front of me. I was pretty sure just from seeing his back side that I probably didn't have anything to worry about because he did not look to have a matured body at all. While in the showers, I got my first glimpse of his dick and was a bit surprised that it did seem to hang somewhat but I was still relieved that it appeared not to be as large as mine. At that point, I guess I just kept looking back and forth between his and mine and each time I saw his, it seemed to be getting larger. I realized pretty quickly that his was not much smaller than mine. A moment after that I started to think that his was actually pretty darn close to being as big as mine. He did have just a slight amount of pubic hair above his dick but it was hardly even noticeable. Soon I was convinced that his was as big as mine and could possibly even be larger. Well his just kept growing right in front of me until it was painfully obvious that his was now hanging longer than mine and was even longer than my erect size.

Soon after that experience, my friend was stationed overseas and thus ended our raquetball playing days. I have avoided public showers since then in spite of the fact that I was so amazed at the size of this little persons manhood. Penis envy is a very powerful force and is a force that I have felt I should not let get out of control by feeding it. Nearly 2 decades have passed since then and I am still amazed at the power of my memory of that day. I often wonder if I had continued going to public showers if I would have gotten over my envy long ago.



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