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Anyway we figured I have a kidney stone on the move. 2 shots of morphine and no change in the pain. I am curled in a ball for 4 hours moaning. It starts to subside a bit and at 5 hours they send me home, I can actually stand now, and advise me to drink lots. The pain is just a dull throb now, I can actually stand upright. 2 hours later suddenly I get a sharp blast of pain and then nothing.. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh the stone has moved out of the ureter from the kidney to bladder. I think all is good, but I suspect that the stone is floating around in my bladder. It still has to finish its least I managed to make a joke about it at work with my 2 female co-workers. They both said sounds like its in the bladder and it still has to travel down winkie. So I said, "Thank god that will be a short trip, there are advantages to being smal only has to travel 5" instead of 10l". It made for a very funny joke, and I thought they were going to piss themselves laughing. Anyway, I announced to the hospital and workers that I am not large, can make fun of it, and don't really give a damn about it.

I think for me the cure has been to see how many good people of all shapes sizes and colors are out there with penises that would not be considered "huge." The more you see that you are not unusual the more comfortable you can be. This place is great for that, but you can go to places like bearporn and see lots and lots of pics of big burly guys with everything from elephant trunks to limpets!

I've been hanging around this site for a few years now and I'd like to raise an issue that's been on my heart for awhile now - namely, what insights or instances in our lives can we share with the group that have been instrumental in our being able to accept the fact of having a small penis. There are alot of guys who are really hurting over this issue as the dominant societal press of "bigger is better" is at odds with what we have been born with between our legs.

Now, I still have good days and bad days dealing with my penis size - as we all do if we're being honest with ourselves and with each other - but that said - please write what you'd say to a young man (maybe even a young you) who has just told you he's feeling really badly about having a small penis. What insights would you impart to him to bring some healing with this part of his life? Thanks and blessings for your insights in advance.


Thank you so much for framing this question, which is absolutely central. It is so hard not to feel small because we are small. Yeah, sure, we are not our penises, the whole person is what counts, learn to use your tongue, blah blah, but we all know, if we are honest, that the demon is always at the door. It is very hard to deal with the fact that one is at the low end of the size scale, when society values the high end. And, truth be told, there are simply some sensations we cannot give, and some things we cannot do, as sexual partners, so it's not all "the same."


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